Joe Broderick • Graphic Design

On this web page are some samples of my graphic design work. I am currently working as a freelance designer.

I worked for the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) from October 2005 through September 2017. I started at AUSA as the Production Artist for ARMY magazine—formatting manuscripts, inputting copy changes, tracking workflow, laying out the monthly departments, and preparing files for print. I was promoted to Art Director in June 2012. In that capacity, I was responsible for the overall look of the magazine. I supervised the work of the Production Artist, found photos and artwork to accompany the copy, designed the feature articles, and worked with the editors, the advertising manager, and the printer to create the page imposition for each issue.

From November 1994 to October 2005, I worked as a graphic designer for Steven Winchell & Associates (now SWA Direct, a division of Odell, Simms and Lynch), an agency specializing in direct mail fundraising for nonprofit organizations.

Before that, from 1990 to 1994, I worked at Woodward & Lothrop—Washington, D.C.'s oldest department store. I was first hired as a paste-up artist for the store's newspaper ads. I was promoted to newspaper ad traffic manager, and then to layout artist for the storewide sale ads.

Over the years, I also did a lot of freelance design work. My clients included the Airports Council International-North America, the Educational Research Service, Sallie Mae, and the American Battle Monuments Commission.

Please visit to see samples of my abstract compositions.


Envoy West logo; 2018

Atlantic Council, Making America First in the Digital Economy: The Case for Engaging Europe by Frances G. Burwell (cover and pages 6-7); May 2018

ARMY Magazine, On Warfare and Watson by Brig. Gen.(P) James J. Mingus
and Maj. David Dilly (pages 32-36); September 2017

ARMY Magazine, Year in Review (pages 67-69, 80-81, and 108-109); October 2017


ARMY Magazine cover and feature article, 100 Years After World War I by Col. Gregory Fontenot, U.S. Army retired (pages 16-21); April 2017


ARMY Magazine, Closing the Capabilities Gap by Scott R. Gourley (opening spread, pages 36-37); February 2017

ARMY Magazine, The Battle of the Bulge by Col. Kevin W. Farrell, U.S. Army retired (opening spread, pages 34-35); December 2013

ARMY Magazine, Pulling Teeth: An Infantry Platoon Leader's Perspective On a Year in Afghanistan by 1st Lt. Kevin Bell (opening spread, pages 44-45); May 2009

ARMY Magazine, Eisenhower: The Indispensable Commander by Col. Cole C. Kingseed, U.S. Army retired (opening spread, pages 68-69); June 2008

Sallie Mae/Pennsylvania trifold brochure; 2007

Educational Research Service, ERS Spectrum (cover and pages 10-11); Summer 2007

Thornton Wilder Society Newsletter (cover and pages 2-3); Fall 2006

Atlantic List Company, PowerPoint presentation (slides 1-4); 2006

American Battle Monuments Commission Annual Report (cover and pages 4-5); 2006

Stephen Winchell & Associates, National World War II Memorial 2004 calendar (April page spread)

Sallie Mae/ITT trifold brochure; 2004

Stephen Winchell & Associates, direct mail trifold brochure for the Friends of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Inc.; 2003

Educational Research Service, The Principal, Keystone of a High-Achieving School: Attracting and Keeping the Leaders We Need (cover and pages 22-25); 2000


Educational Research Service, ERS Resource Catalog (cover and pages 18-19); 1999


Airports Council International-North America marketing seminar trifold brochure; 1996

Woodward & Lothrop Memorial Day Sale ad, The Washington Post (pages A5, A6, & A7); May 27, 1994

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